Custodian Of Medical Records for Coastal Urology of Stuart

Your Patient Files

Morgan Records Management is now overseeing patient records custodianship and releases. Please know that patient confidentiality is always a priority. Patient releases will be handled respectfully and in accordance with HIPAA regulations.


Medical records may only be released directly to former patients themselves, without exception. All other entities must contact the patient to have them obtain their own medical records directly

Dear Patients,

​It is with mixed emotions that I wish to inform you that I will be closing and discontinue providing services at Coastal Urology of Stuart effective September 30, 2021. I will be relocating to a soon to be opening West Palm Beach location (corner of Banyan Blvd and Flagler; just North of City Place) of the University of Miami with an expected start date in January 2022. That facility is not yet open and I do not have contact information as of the writing of this letter. I will update my current website,, with this information, once available or you can contact the Department of Urology at the University of Miami AFTER January 1, 2022. While I would be very happy to continue to see any of my patients at the new location, I understand that this may not be possible for many of my patients. In addition, I will not be available for patient care between October, 2021 and January, 2022. If you require ongoing care in the interim or prefer to be transferred to a different physician practice please notify us no later than Monday September 27, 2021, and we will transfer your file to the physician of your choice. It will be up to you to take steps to connect with a provider of your choosing.


Best regards,
David M. Rodin, M.D.


After closing, your health records from this Practice will be transferred to Morgan Records Management, LLC (the “Records Custodian”). The Records Custodian will continue to maintain your records in accordance with applicable confidentiality and security standards and with other applicable laws. Your records will be destroyed no less than seven years after the last date of services you received from this Practice.